In the Presence of Him

On Friday and Saturday I had the opportunity to learn about the theology of worship. The concepts of what worship does, what it is and what it looks like were introduced. The most eye-opening concept is the two parts of worship. Revelation and response.
Having not attended a liturgical church before, responsive readings were a bit lifeless and mundain to me. After being invovled in Christ Community ( a liturgical service) I now can see the balance of keeping God centered not only in the music part of the service but the service as a whole.
Walking away from the first module of Presence the Lord showed me that I have not been paying attention to his goodness of the past. I have been fretting over I what I don’t have now or can’t see in the future. It was enlightening to begin to understand a theology of worship is more than simply music, or a church service. Walking away actually having an understanding that God is much bigger than a 4 song set and the he loved me when I was born and he loves me today and he loves me on my journey closer to him


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  1. I agree with the comment on Revelation and Response being a “eye-opener.” Good post about the module itself and I am looking forward to the next one. So true what you said, “He loved me when I was born and He loves me today and He loves me on my journey closer to Him.” He will always love us and will never stop loving us.

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