Assigned Reading Sept. 22-26

As I read this past week I felt as though I was standing in Jim Bakker’s shoes. Not that I pretend to know what he went through but I had his title of his latest book on the forefront of my mind. I WAS WRONG.

I looked at worship as a place to be enthusiastic and a place to let loose. I looked at following the contemporary scene as the more ‘right’ way to lead worship.

Dawn makes it clear that the totality of the service is what worship is not just the music. If we are focused on the music then we’ve already fallen short of knowing what true worship is. Worship is more like a symphany coming together than a jam session. It has details, thought, artistry, planning, and charisma.

It has been said that Satan does his best work from within the church. If I skip the backbitting, gossip, insubordination, selfishness etc… and I go to how Satan has divided the church from within. I’m not sure what’s worse that we have left a generation to worship alone or the fact that we’re okay with it. Dawn expresses the magnitude of this mistake by saying that we need both young and old to make the church flourish like it should. She talked of the one person who’s been away and comes back, that person needs a mentor. She spoke of singing a song she didn’t like to work through her own distastes without sacrificing substance.

I need to not look at what other churches are doing or what is the best way to market Jesus but look, listen and feel what the Spirit of God is telling me. I keep coming back to the word balance. If we humble ourselves before God and are obedient in what direction he’s telling us to go we won’t get lost nor left behind.


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  1. Regarding to be "left behind".All of the prophecies in the Hebrew Matityahu (which later was redacted into the “gospel of Matthew” (which is anti-Torah)) indicate that the return of Ribi Yehoshua should have paralleled the restoration of the State of Israel, within the same generation (40 years). According to the prophecies, the return has occurred but, again like the prophecies (Hebrew Matityahu 24.37 for Jews who would like to be able to cite the passage for Christians), “As it was in the days of Noakh… they did not know until the Mabul came and picked them all up.” Christian doctrine holds the seeming contradiction that while “every eye shall see him,” the masses will be entirely unaware of his return. All Christians understand that this means “every eye” of those “in the know” (assumed to be Christians) will see him while all others will remain unaware. What a jolt for them to discover that they are the ones who didn’t see his return, that it was they who are being Left Behind” unless they flock to Torah.In light of all of this, and corroborating all of the prophecies in Tana"kh plus those in Hebrew Matityahu, the return of Ribi Yehoshua has to be a return “in spirit.” Only the manifestation in the Netzarim, reinvigorating his authentic teachings (his spirit) as an historical Pharisee, makes sense of Ribi Yehoshua returning to satisfy all of the prophecies. It’s also the only rational and scientifically-compatible solution not requiring a supernatural magical event (that contradicts an Unchanging Perfect Creator of perfect laws of the universe)… and he’s teaching Torah, not Christianity!!! Thus, after 2,000 years, the return of Ribi Yehoshua turns out to be a revival of his spirit in the form of his restored teachings, not a magical character making people disappear from an airplane. Conclusion: the NT prophecies (spun off from, and based on, the Jewish prophets) referred to his return “in spirit.”Learn more of how to follow Ribi Yehohsua in the website

  2. Wow! Awesome entry! I can fully relate to your feelings. Honestly, we have all missed it at one point or another. The marvelous thing about your blog is that, you’re admitting that you missed it. I look forward to how God is going to use you in the future! It’s my prayer that He uses you to begin to bridge the gap that our generation has initiated. Thank you for being so honest.

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