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Not my will but yours be done

I found myself as of late trying to grow closer to God in relationship, and in deed. One way that I’ve been doing that is by trying to make sure that his agenda comes before mine. I sometimes catch myself talking about things that I want and how great that would be. And sometimes I get a check that says “but, is that what he wants”. Prayer should not always be requests of what we want but some of “lord, are we on the same page”.

In the next few weeks we’ll be bidding on new shifts at work and with those new shifts come new partners. So as I was driving home I began to pray about what shift I wanted and who I’d like to be partnered with and then it hit me. Why not ask “what shift do you want me to be on and who do you want me to work with?”


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Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

I have decided to indulge myself in the world of the wordpress blogoshpere.  We’ll have to wait and see how this transpires.    I have gotten onto twitter, google+, facebook, klout and now this is the 2nd blog I now have.  I look at this way, nothing ventured nothing gained.  If I get myself involved in some of this type of media I am able to ramble out my thoughts whether someone wants to read them or not.  I also am able to grow as I read inteligible comments as well as constructive criticisms.  How wet can one become by being submersed versus using a microscope to look at the ocean?

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