Drive Thru Difference

On a local radio station they have an ad campaign about making a drive thru difference.  They ask that you pay for the car’s order behind you when you pay for yours.  I think this is  a easy non threatening way to get in the habit of giving with no strings attached.  I’ve paid for patrons meals in restaurants when they didn’t know I did and I’ve done the drive through difference before but what I didn’t realize until recently is just how unbiased that kind of giving really is.

There are plenty of people that I wouldn’t mind paying for their meals however there are some that I would probably think twice about buying anything for.  The amazing thing about the drive thru difference is you don’t have the luxury of knowing who you’re paying for.

They may have had the worst day and you just made it brighter or they may be leaving the house from having an affair and you’re blessing them.  This type of unbiased blessing is where we probably should be giving from instead of qualifying those we choose to bless.  The issue that arises in my opinion is that we tend to give only when we are confident of who we are giving to deserves it or is going to be grateful that they received it.  The fact that we could possibly bless a sex offender, adulterer, thief, or worse is hard to justify.

If we are honest with ourselves this concept of unbiased giving is exactly what God wants to convey to us.  In the drive thru of eternity God has paid for our meal.  Knowing full well the poor choices we’ve made in the past, God chose to bless us none the less with His only Son to say I love you.


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