Choosing the Middle

Recently a great deal has come up about gun control and our constitution. A great deal has also been brought up about politics. I find myself left confused over many of these issues.

There are times I find myself enraged over the gun laws that our commander in chief wants to enact. The biggest problem I have with any law is that any law that gets placed on the books, it is only going to affect the law abiding citizen. When gangsters and other groups who have no respect human life let alone a law, are still going to kill. What happens when those very bad people resort to car bombing? Explosives do much more damage to a lot more people.

The problem I have is that I don’t want to be ignorant and say nothing needs to be done but I don’t want to do something for the sake of doing something. I don’t want to be like the angry white redneck who cries “from my cold dead hands” nor do I want to be like the left wing liberal that cries “take them all”. Why can’t we find a middle ground?

I also struggle with my faith through all of this. Jesus, in my opinion, was a pacifist and did not condone violence under any circumstance. Jesus even put on a severed ear after an attempt on his life. Jesus also spoke of forgiveness amidst his beatings.

I say all of this to say is why does it feel like our society/government/country is demanding we pick sides. Not only do I feel that they’re demanding sides they demand we fight the other, with fervor until the opponent is broken.

Why do we have to choose a side why can’t we meet in the middle? What would Jesus choose?


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