Evolution vs. Creationism

On February 4th Ken Ham and Bill Nye debated whether creationism or evolution were more correct or absolute than the other. Although I missed the debate I did read several reviews on it and much of them stated the same issues. You can view it here

I’ve watched the series Answers in Genesis with Ken Ham and I’ve seen Bill Nye through his science education episodes so I am familiar genres of both men. I’m not concerned with what they talked about or even how. I’m most discouraged at the rhetoric that followed on social media by the followers of each view.

I can agree that both men have their shortcomings when it comes to arguing their point to certainty. Both men came up short as Bill Nye had no idea what happened before the Big Bang. While Ken Ham had a just because type argument. While both men did raise legitimate questions concerning the other’s points both men left unmoved on their own position.

They may not have been successful at converting one another but they were successful in carrying out a dialogue without degrading each other personally. Nye may disagree with Ham but it doesn’t make either man unintelligent, or mentally handicapped.

Just because one believes in God and an intelligent design does not make one crazy, mentally handicapped or unintelligent. The same can be said for an evolutionist. It is quite possible for missing information to exist that may bring both sides to a blended middle ground.

One must have faith to get to a point in creationism where reason and science is lost and trust is placed in God’s intelligent design. In the same manner science leaves a hole before the Big Bang and between ape and man. So if both have gaps where the proverbial “I don’t know” statement has to be overcome then how can either side be so sure that both don’t overlap.

Could it be possible that God had a hand in setting evolution in motion? Could it be possible that the complexity of DNA, the human body’s homeostasis prove something bigger than an explosion had a hand in how we simply arrived?

Creationists need to be open to the possibilities that God is bigger than they may think. Evolutionist need to be open to something bigger than themselves. No one needs to give up their beliefs to be respectful. Instead of tearing apart the other side lets legitimately look at the objections and search for answers. It is in this search where we can learn from the evidence, the faith and each other. Let us search in peace for the answers of our existence.


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