Jesus, a Baker, and a Homosexual

I just saw in the news that a baker in Texas for not serving two men a wedding cake.  This bothers me on two levels.

Why doesn’t this couple just go somewhere else?  Why do they have to make a scene?  There are plenty of other bakeries that will serve them and do it willingly with a smile on their face.  Why does this couple feel it necessary to make it a national issue?

From what I understand of capitalism, if people stop shopping there because of whatever reason they will go out of business.  I have been mistreated at restaurants.  I’ve been kicked out of stores in a foreign country because I was in the military.  I didn’t cry to my commanding officer,  and I didn’t go on national news and talk about how I was mistreated.  I also didn’t demand that they treat me differently.  If someone wants to be mean that’s their prerogative and I don’t have to give them my business.  So I have chosen not to give my money to places where I’m not treated with respect.

I understand what the baker is saying that he has religious convictions and he doesn’t want to serve them as it’s against his convictions.  I have a problem with this because I guarantee you he serves a person or two everyday living in some sort of sin.  Did they bake a cake for the heterosexual couple who are living together or are having sex before marriage?  That is against the Bible.  Are they serving the man addicted to porn?  Are they serving the wife who’s cheating on her husband?  I am extremely bothered when the Christian base cherry picks which sins they are going to deem egregious.  I’m pretty certain that if we stand before God He’s not going to send us to Hell because we baked a cake for someone.

If Jesus were dealing with these two people I believe his message would be the same.  “Love your neighbor”.  The homosexual should not be vindictive and out for blood but maybe buy him a cup of coffee or buy a muffin on his way out the door.  The baker should not be so pious and understand that everyone battles some sort of sin on a daily basis and they we all are no better than anyone else.  I’m not advocating universalism however I am advocating that we all do a better job at loving our neighbor as Jesus directed.







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