3 H’s of Change

What makes someone passionate?  What makes someone change?  What makes someone pursue something with passion and desire?

3 H’s came to mind:  Hunger, Humility, Help

Hunger :  One starts on a quest for change out of sheer hunger.  This hunger determines the depth of how far they will go to feast.  The real challenge one face when hungry is what to eat.  The person who is hungering for real food must be careful in filling up on junk food when real fruit is what the body may be needing.

Humility:   One must be humble enough to know they have more to learn.  They must humble themselves enough to be taught.  Are we willing to sit at the feet of others to learn as much as we can for as long as we can?

Help:  One must be humble enough to ask for help.  There are very few stories of great achievement where help was not involved.  In a “me” driven culture it is difficult to ask because the culture sees it as a sign of weakness.  The believe in yourself motto is not as helpful as one may think.  Why can’t we say “I may never achieve what you’ve done or become the person you are but can you help me become the best version of myself that I can be”.



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