Oct 6- Oct 10 Readings

What a hectic October..... I'm glad that's in the past. I experienced everything from losing my college to my wife and I opening our own business. I say all of that to say I have finally gotten back to the readings. As I read "Facedown" I quickly realized that my view of worship could use... Continue Reading →


Sept 29- Oct 3

As I read chapter 17 in Dawn's book I noticed that it is very important to stand and be strong. I also noticed how I've been the guy whose battered the pastor to change. Changes in culture should never dictate how church is run. If a pastor changes with the whims of the culture there... Continue Reading →

Assigned Reading Sept. 15-19

It is the paramount that we keep God centered in our worship. Unfortunately it becomes increasingly difficult when in our culture we look ourselves as to what more 'we' can give to God. We have this desire to one up the next church, or be the next big thing because God will like that. Simon... Continue Reading →

Moment of Clarity

A couple of mornings ago I had a dream about an old girlfriend. If you are in a relationship or marriage you know that that is not a good thing. I love my wife of 8 years with all of the heart that God gave me. Sure, we have had our ups and downs but... Continue Reading →

The Balance of God

I have been reading a book called A Royal Waste of Time by Marva Dawn. I also have been reading a book called Facedown by Matt Redman. Both are proving to be enlighting to what worship is really about.In the past week, God has become even more vast than my previous perception. Rob Bell has... Continue Reading →

In the Presence of Him

On Friday and Saturday I had the opportunity to learn about the theology of worship. The concepts of what worship does, what it is and what it looks like were introduced. The most eye-opening concept is the two parts of worship. Revelation and response. Having not attended a liturgical church before, responsive readings were a... Continue Reading →

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